Info Network Ltd. - INL was established in 2000 in Hong Kong. The company is specialising in contract manufacturing of industrial electronic products.

Info Network Ltd. utilises manufacturing and technological base of 25000 sq feet factory in Shenzhen (PR China) and office in Hong Kong to assure customers of the right product at the right price, delivered on time. With JUKO SMT lines, Matsushita wave soldering machines, which are run by experienced staff, we can undertake orders of highest complexity with extremely low defective rate. Our commitment to total quality insures our clients of factory fresh product, a helpful and knowledgeable engineering and sales staff, and the ability to do it right using pre-production and pre-shipment quality control at our factory, which has obtained ISO9001 certificate. We cooperate only with well-established and proven subcontractors of parts, subassemblies and enclosures. We have long and successful experience in production of GPS and GLONASS trackers, antennas, controller boards, electronic assemblies, and electronic modules on OEM and ODM basis. With long years of experience in developing and production of tracking products we have developed some special trackers for law enforcement agencies and medical applications.

Our customers are as far as from Japan, Germany, Brazil and Russia just to name few. We are proud of the fact that our customers tell us that INL is service and customer-oriented manufacturer. We've earned this reputation by listening to our customers' needs and work very hard at every aspect of our business to address those needs.

We are confident in our ability to service any client’s day-to-day requirements and long-term goals in any market situation.